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“In A Blink Of An Eye”
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LICK OBSERVATORY is located on 4200'            Mt. Hamilton in the Diablo Range, east of           San Jose, California. Largest among its nine research-grade telescopes is the Shane 3-meter Reflector, active since 1960.

I enjoyed my afternoon ride up hugging the right lane, observing both cyclist and motorcycles attempting to break the sound barrier on their jet like desent in the opposite lane.  My last visit, several years ago, was a much cooler ride with “3” foot snow paks and New York City like winter temperatures.  I was enjoying     a much warmer January afternoon strolling in and out of the observatory, counting my blessings and the seconds the Sun would begin it’s desent. Anticipating a rapid weather change I came prepared with gloves, hat, long johns, sweaters, winter coat, scarf, etc.  Not to disappoint, winter was upon me, with an extra added bonus of a beautiful sunset.    Now for my trip back home. . . thank God for heaters.

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Lick Observatory